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List of Participants

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The conference proceedings are published as volume 63 of Electronic Proceedings. of Theoretical Computer Science, they will be distributed in the printed form to the participants upon registration.

Accepted Papers

• Golnaz Badkobeh and Maxime Crochemore.
Finite-repetition Threshold for Infinite Ternary Words.
Valerie Berthe and Sébastien Labbé.
Uniformly Balanced Words with Linear Complexity and Prescribed Letter Frequencies.
• Stefano Bilotta, Elisa Pergola and Renzo Pinzani.
Pattern $1^j 0^i$ Avoiding Binary Words.
• Bastian Bischoff and Dirk Nowotka.
Avoidable Patterns with Involution.
Francine Blanchet-Sadri, Aleksandar Chakarov, Lucas Manuelli, Jarett Schwartz and Slater Stich.
Recurrent Partial Words.
• Fabio Burderi.
Monoids and Maximal Codes.
• Michaël Cadilhac, Alain Finkel and Pierre Mckenzie.
Bounded Parikh Automata.
• Stefano Crespi Reghizzi and Pierluigi San Pietro.
From Regular to Strictly Locally Testable Languages.
Flavio D´Alessandro and Benedetto Intrigila.
On the Commutative Equivalence of Bounded Context-free and Regular Languages.
• Daniel Dombek.
Substitutions over Infinite Alphabet Generating (-beta)-integers.
• Sebastien Ferenczi.
Dynamical Generalizations of the Lagrange Spectrum.
Gabriele Fici.
A Classification of Trapezoidal Words.
• Irina Gorbunova and Arseny Shur.
On Pansiot Words Avoiding 3-Repetitions.
Vesa Halava, Tero Harju and Tomi Kärki.
A New Proof for the Decidability of D0L Ultimate Periodicity.
Thierry Monteil.
The Complexity of Tangent Words.
Hossein Nevisi and Daniel Reidenbach.
Unambiguous 1-Uniform Morphisms.
• Elena Petrova and Arseny Shur.
Constructing Premaximal Binary Cube-free Words of Any Level.
Svetlana Puzynina and Luca Zamboni.
Abelian Returns in Sturmian Words.
• Narad Rampersad, Jeffrey Shallit and Arseny Shur.
Fife´s Theorem for 7/3-Powers.
• Mathieu Roux and Brigitte Vallée.
Information Theory: Sources, Dirichlet Series and Realistic Analysis.
Aleksi Saarela.
Systems of Word Equations and Polynomials: A New Approach.
Matthew J. Samuel.
Word Posets, with Applications to Coxeter Groups.
Jeffrey Shallit.
The Critical Exponent is Computable for Automatic Sequences.
Nikita Sidorov.
Optimizing Properties of Balanced Words.
Wolfgang Steiner.
On the Delone Property of (-beta)-integers.
• Alexander Valyuzhenich.
Permutation Complexity of the Fixed Points of Some Uniform Binary Morphisms.
• Steven Widmer.
Permutation Complexity Related to the Letter Doubling Map.