Scientific program

Download here (program.pdf) the current version of the program.

Monday, September 12

8:30 Registration
9:50 Opening
Session chair: Edita Pelantová
10:00   Anna Frid (Invited talk)
Infinite Permutations vs. Infinite Words (slides)
11:00 Coffee break
Session chair: Julien Cassaigne
11:30 Steven Widmer
Permutation Complexity Related to the Letter Doubling Map (slides)
12:05 Alexander Valyuzhenich
Permutation Complexity of the Fixed Points of Some Uniform Binary Morphisms (slides)
12:40 Lunch
Session chair: Christiane Frougny
14:30 Wolfgang Steiner
On the Delone Property of $(-\beta)$-integers
15:05 Daniel Dombek (slides)
Substitutions over Infinite Alphabet Generating $(-\beta)$-integers
15:40 Coffee break
Session chair: Štěpán Holub
16:05 Aleksi Saarela
Systems of Word Equations and Polynomials: a New Approach (slides)
16:40 Jeffrey Shallit
The Critical Exponent is Computable for Automatic Sequences (slides)
17:15 Vesa Halava, Tero Harju and Tomi Kärki
A New Proof for the Decidability of D0L Ultimate Periodicity (slides)
18:00 Welcome drink

Tuesday, September 13

Session chair: Pierre Arnoux
9:30 Srečko Brlek (Invited talk)
Interactions between Digital Geometry and Combinatorics on Words (slides)
10:30   Thierry Monteil
The Complexity of Tangent Words (slides)
11:05 Coffee break
Session chair: Luca Zamboni
11:30 Valérie Berthé and Sébastien Labbé
Uniformly Balanced Words with Linear Complexity and Prescribed Letter Frequencies (slides)
12:05 Nikita Sidorov
Optimizing Properties of Balanced Words (slides)
12:40 Lunch
Session chair: Nikita Sidorov
14:30 Sébastien Ferenczi
Dynamical Generalizations of the Lagrange Spectrum
15:05 Mathieu Roux and Brigitte Vallée
Information Theory: Sources, Dirichlet Series, and Realistic Analyses of Data Structures (slides)
15:40 Coffee break
Session chair: Valérie Berthé
16:05 Gabriele Fici
A Classification of Trapezoidal Words (slides)
16:40 Svetlana Puzynina and Luca Q. Zamboni
Abelian Returns in Sturmian Words (slides)

Wednesday, September 14

Session chair: Juhani Karhumäki
9:30 Pascal Ochem (Invited talk)
Pattern Avoidance and HDOL Words (slides)
10:30   Bastian Bischoff and Dirk Nowotka
Pattern Avoidability with Involution (slides)
11:05 Coffee break
Session chair: Juhani Karhumäki
11:30 Stefano Bilotta, Elisa Pergola and Renzo Pinzani
Binary words avoiding some patterns (slides)
12:05 Elena Petrova and Arseny Shur
Constructing Premaximal Binary Cube-free Words of Any Level (slides)
Session chair: Štěpán Holub
17:30 Eva Hajičová (Invited talk)
Form and Function in Language: A Praguian View
19:00 Conference dinner

Thursday, September 15

Session chair: Arseny Shur
9:30 Juha Kortelainen (Invited talk)
Combinatorics on Words in Information Security: Unavoidable Regularities in the Construction of Multicollision Attacks on Iterated Hash Functions (slides)
10:30   Stefano Crespi Reghizzi and Pierluigi San Pietro
From Regular to Strictly Locally Testable Languages (slides)
11:05 Coffee break
Session chair: Dirk Nowotka
11:30 Michaël Cadilhac, Alain Finkel and Pierre McKenzie
Bounded Parikh Automata (slides)
12:05 Flavio D'Alessandro and Benedetto Intrigila
On the Commutative Equivalence of Bounded Context-free and Regular Languages (slides)
12:40 Lunch
Session chair: Maxime Crochemore
14:30 Narad Rampersad, Jeffrey Shallit and Arseny Shur
Fife's Theorem for (7/3)-Powers (slides)
15:05 Irina Gorbunova and Arseny Shur
On Pansiot Words Avoiding 3-Repetitions (slides)
15:40 Coffee break
Session chair: Jeffrey Shallit
16:05 Golnaz Badkobeh and Maxime Crochemore
Finite-Repetition Threshold for Infinite Ternary Words (slides)
16:40 Francine Blanchet-Sadri, Aleksandar Chakarov, Lucas Manuelli, Jarett Schwartz and Slater Stich
Recurrent Partial Words (slides)

Friday, September 16

Session chair: Zuzana Masáková
9:30 Benoît Rittaud and Laurent Vivier (Invited talk)
Circular Words and Applications (slides)
10:30   Hossein Nevisi and Daniel Reidenbach
Unambiguous 1-Uniform Morphisms (slides)
11:05 Coffee break
Session chair: Jean Neraud
11:30 Matthew J. Samuel
Word Posets, with Applications to Coxeter Groups (slides)
12:05 Fabio Burderi
Monoids and Maximal Codes (slides)
12:40 Conference closing